A compass provides a circle
 - in order to encircle, to contain, to mark the pivotal point, 
to indicate what is within and what is without.
The compass creates a limitless limited space 
ruled by physical and mathematical laws, disregarding any 
immeasurable facts of life 
like ageing, illness, insanity, deterioration...
It fascinates me to work with these limitations 
or rather - it excites me to maneuver myself into a precarious 
which will consequently force me to accept 
unorthodox solutions.

This is a way of working, which demands 
an incredible loyalty, trust and discipline from the dancers 
Their bodies, as all human bodies, are a very complicated system 
of “hinges” which move like compasses - 
- all our movements are created through circular motions relating 
to points in space - 
all in search of a physical and spiritual centre - a pivotal 
point of our existence.
Balancing on the edge 
between past and future 
we search for that place of peace and quietness.

So what is the pivotal point (the navel) of our small world? 
- Maybe Galapagos - a remote place, 
a refuge for barely surviving, endangered species 
- dancing around - sun up, sun down - in their solitary 
Bones and skins and eyes - lives upon lives - their footfalls 
- and forgotten - as if never been.
Footfalls crossing borders, 
not knowing if really crossed, making signs 
which only they can read, 
only marking the time spent.

Jiří Kylián