Kylián Foundation was initiated and established in 1988. 
Its original name was “Kylián Choreographic Archive”. From 
the very beginning its task was to protect original choreography, 
to make contact with artists in countries with different political, 
social, religious beliefs or cultural structures, and to support 
innovative artistic creation in general. 
The following is a very brief description of the main tasks and 
aims which lie at the heart of the Foundation's activities in 
the past and present.

Whenever a work is being reproduced by another company, 
the Kylián Foundation will attend to any developments 
concerning logistics, financial funding, artistic execution, 
contractual matters or any issues concerning a successful 
realization of the final product. 

In 2008, the Foundation set up Kylián Productions BV which 
now forms the commercial entity to the Foundation. Under the 
auspices of the Foundation, the Kylian Productions BV ensures 
the highest possible quality whenever a work is being reproduced 
by different dance or ballet companies around the world. 

All components of these creations are given the same 
importance and are protected with equal care by ensuring 
excellent artistic and technical integrity of the choreography, 
costume/set/light/video/film designs and musical accompaniment. 
Kylián Productions BV monitors all commercial activities 
related to Jiří Kylián’s oeuvre.