One day, quite some time ago, I spent some time playing with 
a little boy…  After a while I asked him: "What do you want to 
become when you grow up?" He answered: "I don't know yet, 
but what do YOU want to become one day, or are you 
something already?" I had no answer to his question, because 
I simply didn't know.... They are the games of children in their 
innocence and cruelty, which we see in our own everyday life 
as well as in the famous painting ‘’De Kinderspelen” by Pieter 
Brueghel de Oude. But are the figures in his painting children, 
or are they adults? What do these “silent actors” in Brueghel's 
“motionless theatre” represent? It is, and it will always remain 
an unanswered question. The answer is as impossible, as if 
someone was to determine whether it is the child or the 
grown-up in us, who conducts our deeds and actions. 
The micro cosmos of the games of children mirrors the world 
of adults and scrutinizes it with the uncompromising and 
relentless wisdom of the “children's eyes.” 

They reflect the clouds crossing the sky, as their wreath 
of virginity falls into the flowing river of time, and when our 
ever present unhappiness prepares for yet another war 
somewhere in the world, where child is the father of man.
We should find time to reflect and to remind ourselves more 
often of our childhood and our adolescence, as this was the 
time which supplied us with many ideals, and with a multitude 
of positive forces. These are the virtues to be forgotten so 
easily in face of the reality of our existence.

Jiří Kylián - Den Haag, 2010