Silent Cries

Many people have to undergo difficult trials in their attempts to 
discover and accept themselves in accordance with the nature 
of their beings. Finding a reason for our existence, and finding 
a suitable surrounding in which this process should take place, 
leads us often along lonely, deserted paths.

Silent Cries is an elementary choreographic study of an intro-
spective nature. It portrays in a stylised and dissected manner 
this process of self-recognition and acceptance.

The music, only ten minutes long, was written in two years 
of great inspiration and struggle. It became a very rare 
merging of an immaculate knowledge of a craftsman, and an 
unreachable dream of a poet. Its beauty is the driving force, 
which will always make us stretch our arms and run towards 
it, in a hopeless and eternal trance. It takes the listener from 
one dreamscape to another, without ever letting him become 
part of it.

l'Après-midi d'un faune is in my eyes too celestial a creation 
to be  personified by human beings. Our physical realisation 
merely reacts on it and gives a comment of a personal 

I have created this work in close collaboration with my 
wife - Sabine - who has shared good and difficult times 
with  me for over twenty years. It is choreographed in 
her honour, celebrating her beauty, her imperfection and 

     						Jiří Kylián -  May 1986