Supported Projects

International  Exchange 

Realizing the importance of personal and professional 
contact between artists from countries with different 
political, social or cultural structures and beliefs, 
the Foundation initiated and organized international 
exchanges of students. For instance students from the 
Czech Republic, China and Slovakia were invited to the 
Netherlands to observe and work with different dance 
institutions in this country.

The foundation only supports projects of it's own choice 
and does not accept any applications.

Support Of Artistic Projects

Although it is not the primary aim of this Foundation, it 
occasionally supports artistic projects, cultural events or 
private artists: 

1. 2011, Opening of the Korzo Theatre in The Hague with the dance /
    video installation ‘Anonymous’.
2. 2011, Cora Bos Kroese’s production of “Amor”.
3. 2012, Film projects by visual artist Jason Akira Somma (NY).
4. 2012, Music composer Thomas Oboe Lee with his ‘Boston Modern 
    Orchestra Project’.
5. 2014, Contemporary dance developments in Brazilian ballet schools.
6. Codarts Rotterdam,
    2 scholarships to cover tuition as of 2015 on a yearly basis.
7. HDF's production "Good Old Times", 
    project with amateur older dancers  as of 2015 on a yearly basis.
8. Welcome Canada! Collaboration and performances by 
    the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Ballet Academy Amsterdam, 
    Codarts Rotterdam and The Canadian National Ballet School
    during the Holland Dance Festival (2016)
9. Korzo International Residencies:
    2016 – Jittee Chompee (Thailand)
    2018 – Rukmini Vijayakumar (India)
10. Royal Conservatoire The Hague,
	 scholarships to cover tuition as of 2018 on a yearly basis
11. 2017, Exchange + Performances with Codarts Rotterdam and 
     The Alvin Ailey School of Ballet at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, New York.