2023 Gods and Dogs in Paris at Palais Garnier
     2022 Stages of a Theatre
     2022 Creation of "The United Ukrainian Ballet" in The Hague
     2021 Codarts Lectorship: Dance and Architecture
     2019 Kylian Membership of the Académie des Beaux Arts
           - Making of a costume
           - Making of a sword
           - Making a birdlady come to life
           - Sabine’s dress rehearsal
     2017 NDT Expo at Zuiderstrand Theater
     2016 Free Fall - Photographic study
           - Free Fall - Maquette
     1987-2016 Creation and destruction of NDT’s theatre
     2015 Jiří Kylián: selected works - abbreviated versions
     2012 Interview about Bella Figura
     2012 Codarts Lectorship: Dance and Film
     2011 Codarts Lectorship: Dance and Music
     2011 Codarts Lectorship: Dance and Voice
     2010 Codarts Lectorship: Dance and Age
     2011 Forgotten Memories
     2010 Documentary ODCHÁZENÍ with Václav Havel
     2010 Dalikyl documentary
     2006 NDT 3 Last Speech
     2006 Introduction to the Drottningholm project
     2006 NDT 3 documentary
     2000 Jiří Kylián: Doctor Honoris Causa Prague
     1986 Aboriginal festival
     1990 Jiří Kylián: 15 years Artistic Director
     1983 Road to the Stamping Ground
     1982 Interview Aboriginals
     1980 Rudolf Nureyev's introduction to Symphony of Psalms
     1932 La Jota

PLAYKylián membership of the Académie des Beaux Arts
  inauguration ceremony
  Making a birdlady come to live
FJason Akira Somma
D2 minutes